Cosmetic Gear Guide

Cosmetic Gear Guide



Custom Items Guide

Welcome to fantasy custom guide i will explain what custom items we have in game and what benefit they have, also explain how you can buy you own custom made armor set or weapons.


Get your own custom made items.!

Fantasy RSPS has a dedicated 3d modeler that has experience doing extremely advanced models for triple-a games. She is very talented and can create extremely advanced models.

To order a custom item, open a support ticket! create-ticket

You can give us specifications for the model you want, or an idea and we can create it for you based on the idea.

Weapons, Amulets, Shields, Rings, Capes, Auras
300 Custom Item Credits ($300)

Armour Sets
1000 Custom Item Credits ($1000)
If we have discretion of the custom set models, the price is 700 Custom Item Credits or $700, you can still choose from a list of sets as well as colors/textures. The price of $1000 is if you provide an image and want a set modeled based on that.

Included in the price above is full bis stats in cosmetic slots, and main-slots. This means, if you order a custom armour set, it will come with the same stats of the best items in the game.

These stats are not automatically updated. You can have your custom item updated to bis stats at any time for 75 Custom Item Credits per item (or 200 Custom Item Credits for an armour set).

Each order comes with the possibility to have 1 color change, and 1 model change if you do not like the model that you ordered. Any changes after this will cost extra, the fees are below:

Color change, per item - 50 Custom Item Credits (Armour sets are 150 Custom item Credits)
Completely Different Model, Per Item - 100 Custom Item Credits (Armour sets are 300 Custom Item Credits)

 WARNING - Custom Item Credits are NOT Game Credits. 


Some models players has been order and got in game.


Custom set

Custom set

Custom set

Custom set

Season pass zones

From complete a season pass you will get an item that will teleport you to a season pass zone where you can kill npc to obtain customs sets, a new season pass zone come with a new set of custom and new items will always be best in slot, and spare items can be dissolved for bonds all items from season pass is untradeable,


Season Pass 3


Once completing the Gold pass you did receive the Easter egg.

.With the egg you can teleport to a evil bunny zone where you can kill them for the Easter set, this is the second bis cosmetic set in game, if you did not complete the season pass 3 you can now buy it from the slayer shop for 1.000 slayer points.
This set provides 12% damage per item worn in the cosmetic slot, and spare pieces can be dissolved for 3x $50 bonds

Evil Bunny Drops:


Season Pass 4


Once completing the Gold pass you will receive the Fancy hat, which is a Cyan colored santa hat.

Use the teleport option on this hat to be teleported to the Fancy zone.

At this zone you can kill the Fancy fighters for the Fancy set and instance tokens.

The fancy set is cosmetic and gives 20% dmg boost in cosmetic slots, per piece, spare piece can be dissolved for 4x $50 bonds.