Skilling/Max Guide

Skilling/Max Guide

Welcome to the Max Cape / Skilling Guide for Fantasy RSPS.


I was thrilled to finally unlock my Max Cape, but I feel like I did it the hard way, as I wasn't aware of the many shortcuts available on this server. I asked a lot of questions and gained a lot of knowledge from people more experienced than I. Hopefully, what I´ve learned can make your journey much smoother than mine.


Why should I get a Max Cape?

The Max Cape gives the following benefits:

The max cape can be bought for 50B cash after you have achieved level 99 in all skills.


30% Damage Boost

Season pass progress x2 quicker (double the xp from sp)

x2 extra slayer xp

x2 slayer points on task

x2 trivia points

x2 vote rewards


The 30% DMG Boost is obviously great, but the double exp for Vote Rewards and Season Pass (SP) progression make a massive cumulative difference to your progression.

Vote Claims give SP exp as standard, meaning the Max Cape advantage feels almost quadruple in reality. This is how players are able to complete multiple SPs each season and reap the top tier rewards. The cape is a permanent gear upgrade which means you have a big headstart at the beginning of each new season.  

Not to mention, the cape makes gaining Slayer Prestige levels twice as fast, and halves the time it takes the grind Slayer Points for Slayer Rings/Capes/Helmets and those expensive gear Attachments.




The Max Cape can also be combined with the Slayer Cape to make the Slayer Max Cape, combining the benefits of both items.  

The regular Max Cape can be obtained by all players and is an item everyone should be working towards.  

The Slayer Max Cape again is an item everyone can achieve.  


The Alpha Cape is a cape that is only acquired by Legion Club members. You can find more info on Legion Club via the Donation guide here


The Alpha Cape itself isn’t as good as the Max Cape to begin with, but it can be combined with a Trinity (i) Cape to make the ‘Alpha Cape t2’, which in turn can then be combined with the regular Max Cape to make the Alpha Max Cape – the BIS cape in the game.  

The Alpha Max Cape comes with all the regular benefits of the Max Cape, plus a further 95m DMG on top and includes the benefits of the Slayer Cape without needing to buy one.  



Aside from the Doom Sword, the Max Cape may be the most useful item in the game.



Where Do I Get It?

You can buy a Max Cape from the Max Master NPC next to the Well of Goodness at ::home 



How Do I Get It?

In order to be able to buy the Max Cape from the Max Master, you need to achieve a minimum of 99 in all 25 of the skills available in game, and pay a fee of 50b cash. This total sounds daunting, but through grinding your skills to 99, claiming vote rewards, selling keys and bonds, upgrading your gear and selling the old items, you will get there 😊.



--- Every Weekend, from Saturday Morning 8am UTC+1 till Monday Morning 8am UTC+1, Fantasy RSPS has DOUBLE EXP for all Skills. This is the best time to grind for the Max Cape ---

You should also ensure that the Well of Goodness is full and that you’ve activated a Voting Exp Scroll for an additional 40% exp.  


This Guide is laid out in an ease-of-accomplishment order, meaning the fastest and smoothest skills are listed first, whilst Fantasy’s more challenging skills are left till the end.  


Combat Stats – Attack, Strength, Defence, Magic, Range and Constitution (6/25)

These are self-explanatory. They will fly well beyond 99 in no time simply by using your starting gear to hunt mobs. Fantasy uses a custom combat stat cap that currently allows these stats (except constitution) to climb as high as 600k. So getting each of them to 99 will take no time at all.  

Prayer (7/25)

This is another simple one. You can easily gain 99 Prayer by burying Boss Bones at the Prayer Altar located at ::home.


You can get Boss Bones by killing the Starter Boss located at the Starter Zone in the Teleport Tab, or purchase them from numerous NPCs at ::Shops  



Slayer (8/25)

I won’t spend too much time on this one as we already have a very detailed Slayer Guide which you can find here.  

Just keep completing tasks and working your way up. Slayer is one of the server's core skills and you’ll be doing a lot of it, so it should be at 99 in no time.  



Fishing, Cooking, Woodcutting, Mining and Smithing (13/25)

These are the smoothest skills to grind to 99 on Fantasy as there is a custom skilling zone here and the items involved such as fishes, logs and ores are all stackable and require no banking.  

Open your teleports either via the Magic Tab or the Keyboard Shortcut CTRL+T and teleport to “Creative Workshop” under the “Minigames” tab 


Click here to catch Space Fish. You’ll need a Fly-Fishing Rod and some Feathers, both of which you can buy from the NPC at the Fishing Zone accessed by clicking on your Fishing Skill.


You can AFK fish here till 99.  

Then take those Space Fish and cook them on the Space Fire to grind your Cooking to 99 


For Woodcutting, you just cut down the Space Trees till 99. 


You will need a Hatchet to do this, which you can buy from the NPC at the Low Level Woodcutting Zone accessed by clicking on your Woodcutting Skill . 


Achieving 99 Mining and Smithing is a simple case of mining the Space Rocks and then Smelting them in the Space Furnace at the North point of the Creative Workshop. 


You will need a Pickaxe for this, which you can buy from the NPC at the Mining Guild accessed by clicking on your Mining Skill  



Firemaking (14/25)

This is another simple one. There is a permanent fire at ::resource where you can burn logs you’ve acquired. Unfortunately, you cannot burn Space Logs, so you will have to chop down your own logs - possibly whilst training Fletching - or buy them from the Player Owned Stores to do this 


Many players will sell large stacks of Magic Logs which require level 75 Firemaking to burn. Again, on a Double Exp Weekend, it really doesn't take long to get into the higher tiers of this skill.  


Creation (15/25)

Creating your own items is a massive part of progression here on Fantasy. You can find an entire guide dedicated to this custom skill here You will gain Creation Exp for every single item you create and will probably find yourself leveling this skill without even realising it at first.  One of the easiest ways to get this to 99 is to spam create Earthling Instances by using the Primitive Instances you will get from opening Instance Goodiebags gained from multiple sources in the game, such as voting. Or buy them from the Coin Shop at ::Shops You can access the Creative Menu by clicking on your Creative Tokens, another resource generated from pretty much everything you do in Fantasy.   


Thieving (16/25)

Another straightforward, if not time-consuming one to complete. Simply spam click the stall tables located at either ::home or ::resource. Nothing fancy here, just keep clicking and banking. Once you become a Serf Donator rank ($10) upon claiming your starter items, you gain access to the keyboard shortcut CTRL+B to remotely open your bank from anywhere.  

Crafting (17/25)

Another easy one again. Start with an empty inventory, click on your Crafting Skill, and pick the Flax then Spin it all on the Wheel next to you. Once you get to above Level 20 Crafting, speak to the Crafting NPC next to the wheel, buy a chisel and an inventory full of Uncut Opals and cut them. Then just work your way up the gem tiers till 99.   


Runecrafting (18/25)

This one is a bit more labour intensive but again relatively straightforward. You will gain Rune/Pure Essesnce from multiple sources in the game such as opening boxes, claiming Season Pass rewards, killing Global Bosses, buying it from Player Owned Shops, Mining it at the Essence Mine accessed via clicking on your Mining Skill etc. Keep all the essence you gain whilst playing as you will need it here.


At ::home you will find a ‘Craft Runes Altar’.


By clicking on the Altar you can choose a Rune to make with the essence you have.


You can then right-click on the altar to turn on ‘Repeat-Last’ which will automatically turn your inventory of essence into the last rune you crafted when you click on the altar.  By using CTRL+B to Bank your crafted runes and withdraw another stack of essence, and then 1 click craft more Runes with the ‘Repeat-Last’ option turned on, you can get into a good rhythm of crafting & banking that will see you fly up to Level 99 relatively quickly.  This can also be a good money maker as a lot of people will buy large stacks of runes, however for now SAVE THE RUNES!! .



Infusion (19/25)

Fantasy has a system called Infusion which allows you to charge a weapon with runes and increase its overall DMG potential. Many mid to end-game players use weapons with max charges to increase their kill speed whilst farming, which is why they are willing to buy runes rather than take the time to make their own. You can find a detailed Infusion Guide here.

To Infuse a weapon, it must be in your inventory (i.e not equipped), you then right-click it and select ‘Add Charges’. It will then show you which runes are required to charge the weapon, and using these runes to add charges will net you Infusion Exp. This is why we saved our runes from Runecrafting!

Simply start with lower tier weapons and work your way up


Farming (20/25)

This isn’t difficult as farming here is instant, it is just time-consuming.  


Click on your Farming Skill and talk to the NPC circled in Red. Buy a Rake, a Seed Dipper and some Potato Seeds. 

Go to the patch of grass circled in green and rake it until the game says, “this plot is fully raked”. Now use your Potato Seeds to plant them here. This should get you to above Level 9 Farming. Once you are, go back to the NPC and buy Guam Seeds, go to the Herb Patch circled in Blue and rake this, then plant the Guam Seeds.   

If you get any weeds during this process, you can dispose of them in the Compost Bin circled in yellow for some more farming exp.  


You now just work your way up the tier scale of herbs, planting them over and over again until you hit 99 farming. 


The important part here is to SAVE ALL YOUR GRIMY HERBS. You will need them to train the next skill.   


Herblore (21/25)

Now we’re going to use all those Grimy Herbs that we grew whilst Farming. Use ::home or CTRL+H to tele home. There is an NPC here called Herb Guy who will clean an entire inventory of Grimy Herbs for you in 1 click, for a small fee. The catch here is that using the NPC doesn’t get you any Herblore exp, so you may want to clean some Grimy Guams manually first, and then use the NPC to clean the rest. 

After all your Herbs are cleaned, click on your Herblore skill and talk to the NPC here. 


Buy a large stack of the Vials of Water and then use your clean herbs on the empty vials to make Unfinished Potions. You then need to use a secondary ingredient on the Unfinished Potion to complete the potion making. Finishing these potions will get you a large amount of Herblore exp and this is where all your levels are going to come from. 

Most of the secondary ingredients can also be purchased from the Herblore NPC.  

The variety of potions you can make is huge you can buy a Book on Baxtorian ‘Potions guide’ for more information from herblore shop: 


You can see that by using your Guam Leafs on a Vial, followed by an Eye of Newt, you would make an Attack Potion. Repeat this until you’ve run out of Guam Leafs and then move onto making higher tier potions.  Getting to 99 won’t take long once you’ve found a potion that works for you, it’s just a pain if you’re not familiar with the skill.   


Fletching (22/25)

This is the first skill that causes many players to grow frustrated as there’s no shortcut available here. In truth, all you have to do is knuckle down and get on with it, but after flying through so many other skills, this one can feel like a real grind.  

This is simply a case of cutting logs into your choice of shafts or bows, and then either just keep cutting logs or string the bows. Some people grind to 99 just by cutting logs, some stop after making a bulk number of unstrung bows and then string them, this is your personal choice.  

If you saved different tiered leftover logs from Firemaking, and String from spinning Flax whilst Crafting, you’ll have a headstart here. Again, you can usually find players listing large amounts of Magic Logs to speed things up in higher levels if you wanted to just buy your resources instead. 

If you are starting from Level 1 here with no banked items - Click on the Woodcutting skill and choose the Low Level Woodcutting option. Talk to the NPC to buy a Hatchet and the Infernal Knife. Chop down a basic tree a few times, then cut those logs into shafts. 

Chop down more logs and now you should be able to make Longbow (u) or Shortbow (u). Choose either. You can carry on doing this, working your way up the trees to higher tier logs, or you could stop to string the bows. If you wanted to do this, you can click on the Crafting skill and buy String from the NPC there. 

Just keep going, working your way up the logs till you hit 99. This is one of those skills best saved for the Double Exp Weekends.  

Hunter (23/25)

This one is a click-intensive headache, but is straightforward enough once you get past the early levels.  

To begin, head to ::shops at home and talk to the ‘Shopkeeper’. Buy 1x Butterfly Net and an inventory of Impling Jars, then click on your Hunter Skill and go to Puro Puro.  

First begin by stepping out of the middle enclosure by finding a spot on the Magical Wheat Square that says ‘Go Through Magical Wheat’ such as the spot circled below.  

The aim now is to run around clicking on the tiny little mobs here called Implings to catch them. You’ll only be able to catch Baby Implings at first, but you can catch more varieties as your Hunter level increases. The goal here is to get your Hunter to level 63.  

Once you get to 63, empty your inventory and click on your Hunter skill and then teleport to Karamja. Talk to the NPC here and buy 5 or so Box Traps, then do ::resource to teleport to our next area.  

At the Resource zone, you want to locate the 3 Red Chinchompas and start laying your Box Traps down next to them (you can’t place a box on top of the tile they occupy). Once the Chins have activated the trap, click on it to collect it and then plant more boxes down. You rinse and repeat this till 99. There are other methods, and you are free to explore, but this is the simplest way – it just happens to be a lot of clicking.  


Agility (24/25)

Ah, the bane of every OSRS player. This is simply a case of clicking on the Agility skill and then choosing the highest level agility course your level will allow, starting with the Gnome Course. You then just click your way around each step of the course repetitively, over and over again. There are guides on Youtube showing you how to complete each of these courses.  

Once you get to the Wilderness Agility Course (you are safe don't worry , Fantasy does not have PKing) you will then live there till level 99. This skill is incredibly time-consuming and will drive you mad at times, but it can be cranked out if you settle into a rhythm and focus. 

There is an alternative – each time you complete an agility course you will be rewarded with Agility Tickets, with the higher-level courses awarding a higher number of tickets per run. 

Each ticket can be claimed at the NPC at the Gnome Agility Course for 500xp each, or 1000xp each on the Double Exp Weekends. You can a lot of levels by bulk claiming high numbers of these tickets. 

You can save up your own tickets to then claim through the NPC when Double Exp is active, or you can turn your Agility training into a lucrative money maker as the Agility Tickets often sell for anywhere between 80-200m each. At the time of creating this guide, the cheapest tickets on the market were listed at 110m. 

Meaning 100 tickets would earn you roughly 10b in cash. Many of the richer players on the server will happily skip the tedium of grinding Wildy Agility by just buying 100s of tickets to claim at the weekends. You can make a lot of money here, or you can claim the tickets for yourself, it’s your choice. Either way you’ll be spending a lot of time here completing run after run after run after run, so just settle in with a good movie and get it done. 


Evolution (25/25)

Finally, the last and most time-consuming skill. To understand what Evolution is, you're better off reading the detailed Evolution Guide found here. Once you’ve read that and understand what Evolution is for, come back here to find out how to grind this skill.  

Click on your Evolution Skill to be taken to the Evolution Siphoning zone. Here you will find 9 different coloured stars of light called Evolution Energy Sources. Your task here is to click on the highest source that your level allows you to siphon, starting with Level 1 and going up to Level 9, and simply farm the essence. It sounds straightforward but the catch here is that the exp rate from doing this is incredibly slow compared to the other skills. It will take you 4-5 days at least to take this skill to 99.  

There are 2 ways you can speed this process up.  


1.) If you right-click on the Energy Source that you are currently Siphoning, you will see an option to ‘Check Out’. If you click on this you will activate AFK Siphoning which means your character will continue to farm that essence even when you log out and close the client.  

This means you can set your character up each night before you go to bed and leave it farming this skill whilst you're asleep. This is the best way to train this skill and is also why you will see so many players AFK here, just be mindful that even though your client is closed, your character is still technically active so it will continue to auto-renew things like DR & DDR potions if they are in your inventory. It’s best to bank these items to stop them being wasted overnight.   

2.) Fantasy RSPS has an item called ‘2x Evolution Exp’ which, as you can imagine, doubles the exp you gain from Siphoning when claimed. You can claim a maximum of 5 of these 2x scrolls for a permanent boost of up to 10x overall exp rate.  

These make a massive difference to your Evolution levelling speed, and will continue to work whilst you’ve checked out and closed your client, however they are very expensive for the new player. They can range from anywhere between 50-100b each and are only available to farm at a Donation Zone that requires a total of $400k dono rank (Royal Rank).  

As you can see, this skill is the toughest of all to get to 99 and is almost always the last stumbling block on every players path to unlocking the Max Cape. Hopefully you read this guide early on during your Fantasy RSPS journey and have already been overnight afk Siphoning whilst still training your other skills.  

Congratulations, you’ve finally achieved Level 99 in all 25 skills and are ready to become the proud owner of a brand-new Max Cape. You just need to find 50b to pay for it, but hopefully you will have achieved this at this point by double voting (you can vote on both sites twice every 12 hours, once on WIFI and once on your mobile data, to claim 4 votes), claiming ::streaks, ::sp rewards and ::loginreward and opening the boxes and selling all your bonds, Dacylos keys and Prayer Goodiebags.  

Good luck on the Max Cape hunt.  

Made by Velum.