Game Update #13 - New Home, Supreme Donator, Season Pass #6, 700K Unlock + MORE!

Game Update #13 - New Home, Supreme Donator, Season Pass #6, 700K Unlock + MORE!

New Season Pass

The season #6 pass has been added - Voidwalker !


The voidwalker set is obtained from the new season pass zone

The set dissolves for $400 in bonds each piece.

This is the first cosmetic set that has DR and DDR!

The bonuse in cosmetic slot are:

35% damage boost

1000 DR

500 DDR


You will obtain the season pass zone item in the very last reward of the gold pass

At this zone you will grind the monsters for the set


Superior Bosses

Three new bosses have superior versions!

- Enchantress Magician

- Salient Ranger

- Ice Golem


Supreme Donator Rank

A new donator rank has been added at $3.5M!


50% Extra clue scrolls from completing slayer contracts
Double slayer stamina when completing slayer tasks
20% extra infinity slayer tokens when doing infinity slayer
12.5K DR
35 Triple DR
220% EXP Boost
120% Damage Boost
Extra raid key from all raids



Supreme Donator Zone

The Supreme Donator zone has a boss that you can kill 5x per day.


New Home Map

A new home map has been added.

We kept it familiar to the old one, just with a redesign.



Gauntlet Shield (i)

The Gauntlet Shield (i) can be obtained by using a Gauntlet Imbue on a Gauntlet Shield


700K Skill Unlock

It is now possible to level up to 700K in combat stats!



Infinity Slayer Zone Adjustments

The prices in the shop have been lowered

The health on the monsters have been adjusted.



Crate Crash Rewards

New crate crash rewards have been added!


Other Updates

Fixed bug where some trivia questions would not work if the answer had a space at the end

Fixed bug with special potions disappearing

Raised the well of goodwill prices

Donation messages will now be hidden for boosts and offers if you toggle it off

Fixed various crash issues and errors in the game

Fixed a huge bug with slayer tasks completing multiple times per task

Removed gauntlet raid from daily tasks


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