Clue Scroll Guide

Clue Scroll Guide


Fantasy Clue Scroll Guide

Fantasy clue guide, clues on here can be good to do to get the most benefit and fastest way to solve clues you want to skip the emote clues, right click on your clue and reset this has a cost for every time you reset 1 step, keep do this progress until you get a dig or a coordinate clue.
Before you start your clue grind you should go to ::shops and buy a gold spade what a gold spade does it can complete 100 clues at a time if you do dig or coordinate clues.

Gold spade can be found in
Event shop 20 event point
Coin shop 100m coins

There is also the option to get a Platinum Spade that complete 1000 clues at a time this can be bought in the slayer shop for 5k slayer point

Dig Clues

Dig near the giant fishing nets.

Click on fishing skill and run Northeast

Dig near the Bee Hives.

Click on Crafting skill and run East


Dig near the coffin of the skeleton.

Lumbridge City teleport run southeast


Dig in the middle of the 10 pillars.

Tyrannical Overlord Boss teleport and run north


Dig near the Al Kharid Bank.

City teleport: Alkharid run West


Dig near the Lumbridge sink.
Lumbridge City teleport: Run west into castle



Dig Coordinate Clues:

Coordinate: 2924, 3477

Click On Herblore skill: Run North To Druid Alter 


Coordinate: 2915, 3308

Click On Farming skill: Run West, Location is southwest of Falador's south walls.


Coordinate: 2617, 3307

Ardougne City teleport: Run west to the church


Coordinate: 2938, 3471

Click On Herblore skill: Run Northeast to wall southeast of druid alter


Coordinate: 3064, 3270

Use ::portsarim, run east  close to the stone wall to draynor village


Coordinate: 2757, 3480

Use ::camelot, run east  to the castle entrance


Coordinate: 2931, 3433

Click On Herblore skill: Run east to the tree-farming patch


Hint of who to talk to, then answer the question:


NPC: Primitive Slayer Master has a question for you.

Location:  Use ::slayer

Question: How many feet are there in a nautical mile?

Answer: 3067


NPC: The Earthling Slayer Master is looking for you.

Location: Use ::slayer

Question: Who is the main character in the Odyssey?

Answer: odysseus


NPC: The Insidious Slayer Master needs your feedback.

Location: Use ::slayer

Question: When the Corvette was first introduced in 1953, it was only available in what color?

Answer: White


NPC: The Ascendant Slayer Master seeks your guidance.

Location: Use ::slayer

Question: Mallard and Ruddy are species of what bird?

Answer: duck


NPC: The Player Owned Shop Manager seeks your guidance.

Location: ::home

Question: What is the square root of 78655?

Answer: 280


anagrams then talk to NPC:

Anagram: teamsr efhris 

NPC: Master Fisher

Location: Click on the fishing skill teleport 


Anagram: gunhint xptree

NPC: Hunting expert

Location:  Click on hunter skill teleport


Anagram: dwfleir

NPC: Wilfred

Location: Click on Woodcutting skill teleport


Anagram: tpriov saih

NPC: Trivia Shop

Location: ::shops


Anagram: Lolt eet Trhel

NPC: Leet the troll

Location: ::lumbridge castle


Anagram: okzoperee

NPC: Zookeeper

Location: ::ardougne run west to zoo area


Anagram: ntartic fasmeric dnaaais tfat

NPC: Fantastic Fantasy raid master

Location: Click on raid teleport


Anagram: oprug rnamoin igeud

NPC: Group iron man

Location: ::home


Emote Clue:

Clue: Dance while wearing Kinesis Helmet and Obsidian Wings.

Clue: Headbang while wearing Tyrannical Sword and Artemis Aura.

Clue: Beckon while wearing Exclusive Legs and Alumni Quiver

Clue: Cheer while wearing Woodland Platebody and Baby Wyvern Aura

Clue: Cry while wearing Occult chestplate and Fanatic legs


Happy grinding!