Game Update #8 - New Prayers, 200K Level Unlock, Dacylos Accessories + MORE!

Game Update #8 - New Prayers, 200K Level Unlock, Dacylos Accessories + MORE!

Dacylos Accessories

Some new Dacylos accessories have been added!

These accessories can only be obtained through Creation.

The accessories are created using Dacylos dust, which is obtained by dissolving the Dacylos shards from the raid.

There is also an imbued version of the Dacylos accessories, with a slightly different texture!


Bank Themes

Style up your banks!

Coliseum & Exclusive Themes:

Obtained from Creation and Donation Shop

All other colored themes:

Obtained from Event Shop


New Level Unlocks

Some new level unlocks have been added!

All are obtained in Creation.

The 150K level unlock is dropped from the global boss.


New Unholy Prayers

We have 4 new prayers added to the Unholy Prayer Book!

x2 Runecrafting Runes - You will get double Runecrafting runes when doing Runecrafting

x2 Clue Scrolls - You will get double clue scroll drops from monsters (does not double slayer contract clues)

x2 Boss Tokens - You will get double boss token drops

65% Tribrid Damage - You will get a 65% Damage Boost increase when its active, also stacks with the other prayers.


Mega Mantis & Mega Keys

To obtain the 4 new prayers in the Unholy Chamber you must kill the Mega Mantis.

From the Mega Mantis, you only can get the Mega Keys.

The Mega Keys only give the NEW prayers, not the old!

To spawn the Mega Mantis it is 1,000 Prayer Shards (or) 800 if Royal Donator+


New Superior Bosses

Superior versions of the following bosses have been added:

Ardent Magician

Ember Archer

Cyclonic Warrior


New Dissolves

Trilogy (i) now dissolves for 105K nightmare points

Dacylos Accessories dissolve for 125K nightmare shards

Dacylos (i) dissolves for Dacylos Aura


YouTube System Fixes

We recognized a problem after releasing the YouTube system.

There was no support to add the Verification Code before the video was posted.

Now youtubers can create their Verification code manually when creating the video, to solve this issue.

A help tab has also been added to explain some information about the YouTube System.

We have also fixed the title of the video going massive on the interface:


Daily Task Re-Rolling

Each day you can now re-roll one daily task for a different one for free.


Dacylos Raid Chest Loot

The chest now has mass amounts of evolution goodiebags!

Trusted Gambler Rank

The trusted gambler rank will be given to players that apply on discord under #apply-trusted

We will give this rank to anyone that we feel should be trusted in the game.

Staff members are not eligible to get this rank.

Players that scam while have the Trusted rank, will have the amount refunded to the player that was scammed up to 2.5T.

We will only review scam reports of players that have the trusted rank without video evidence.

We have advanced logs of chats, plants, and trades to determine if a scam happened, but it takes a long time to review.

We will still review reports of players that were scammed by non-trusted players, but only if there is video evidence.


Bug Fixes

Daily task system was reworked so it doesn't give tasks that can't be completed

Youtube system was fixed so it doesn't have long video titles

More fixes to top players and highscores on website


QOL Updates

Vote damage scroll is now untradeable

Vote damage scroll is now 40% damage instead of 20%

Evolutionists at Royal zone now drop 5-10 evolution goodiebags instead of 1

Imperial Donator icon has been changed to a new one made by @Zelly!

Increased the double drop rate on Legion accessories so they are better than Elysium imbued

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