Game Update #11 - Gauntlet Raid, Completionist Cape, New Superior Bosses, Dino Companions + MORE!

Game Update #11 - Gauntlet Raid, Completionist Cape, New Superior Bosses, Dino Companions + MORE!


Due to the update taking so long, I have decided to create a reward for everyone.

This is a one time claimable item called the “Dream Orb”

You can get it by doing ::reward dreamorb

Superior Bosses

The 4 best bosses in the game now have superior versions.



Completionist Cape

The Completionist cape requirement is 120 in all stats.

The equipment bonuses can be viewed in ::items, it also has 40% damage in cosmetic slots.

Benefits (can view by right clicking Max @ home):

Dinousaur Companions

The Egg is obtained from various shops and offers!


Voting Spin Wheel

Voting on RuneLocus will now reward you with 1x Spin Wheel Reward

You will be able to try your luck towards a super OP item.

The chance for this item is very rare.

The super op item - Entangled Bow


Cape of Raiding

Double raid keys from all raids
Better bonuses than Trinity cape (i)
Double season pass XP when completing raids



Season Pass #5

The final tier reward is the Season Pass zone teleport

The mysterio set is cosmetic with 25% damage per piece in cosmetic slots.

It dissolves for $250 in bonds per piece.


Gauntlet Shield

The Gauntlet Sheld is our new BIS shield, obtained from Gauntlet Raid!




Gauntlet Shaft

The Gauntlet Shaft is a new special attack weapon.

This weapon does all the benefits of the special attacks from Dacylos Raid, but better.

The one hit bonus on this special attack lasts for 60 seconds instead of the 30 seconds on the Dacylos spec wep.

The drop rate bonus and double drop rate bonus lasts for all kills made within 15 seconds.


Gauntlet Orb

The orb doubles your Gauntlet Dust from the Gauntlet Zone monsters.


Gauntlet Accessories

Gauntlet Accessories are the new best in slot!

Obtained from the Gauntlet Zone

Gauntlet (i) is also obtained from Nightmare Zone, Supreme Chest, or Gauntlet Raid.

Regular gauntlet can be created in T19 Creation


New Potions

The imbued potions have x10 the bonus of the regular potion but last for half the time



Gauntlet Raid

The new Gauntlet Raid can be started after unlocking it with the Creation in T19:




Phase 1 - Regular Boss Kill

Phase 2 - He will switch prayers every so often

Phase 3 - You must stand in the green square to attack him, or else he heals and is unattackable

Phase 4 - This is phase 3 and 2 combined into one. Prayer + the green squares

The chest loots:
Completing each raid will give you gauntlet keys and XP.

In the nightmare zone shop there is a scroll that will give you x2 keys and the cape of raiding can also give x2 keys.


Gauntlet Zone

The Gauntlet zone is where you grind the new accessories.

To enter, you must wear the Gauntlet Shield

You must kill the Scorpions to collect Gauntlet Dust.

Once you have collected 250 dust, you can spawn 1x boss spawn by clicking the entrance

Alternatively, instead of grinding the zone you can buy 1x Gauntlet Boss kill from the shop for 15B


Iron Man Zone

The iron zone right now has a cash shop.

This cash shop has discounted prices of 90% for purchasing items such as Max Cape, Completionist cape, instances, etc.

There is also a global boss that will spawn, but right now the loot is not the greatest.

We are working on some new ideas for this and expect it to be updated.


Gauntlet DR/DDR Scrolls

The scrolls are obtained in the drop table for the Gauntlet Zone boss.

They can be used up to a total of x10 and give 250% Dr/Ddr each


Vote Streak Loot Buff

The loot from Vote Streaks has been buffed


Vote NPC Follower

The voting NPC will bug players until they vote.

We are noticing that atleast 50% of players do not vote in the game.

Voting helps the server get new players in and its extremely important.

Right Click Crowns

Crowns now show when right-clicking players


Bug Fixes

Alpha and comp cape no longer require 120 slayer if you have 1 prestige

You cant summon Legion pets unless you have legion rank unlocked

More fixes to slayer cape disbanding duo randomly

You cant claim a season pass unless you have claimed all rewards

Fixed bug where you sometimes wear items and it doesnt update on your character (such as switching partyhats)

Saving for quick prayers in unholy prayer book now works

Legendary zone no longer duplicates spawns

More fixes to top players/highscores on website

Superior Ember and Cyclonic instances are no longer tradeable

Fixed formatting on Server Boost interface amounts in ::deals

Fixed demon warrior npc being buggy

Removed yanille teleport

Create crash now gives 2 event points for dream+



QOL Updates

Legion boss loot has been updated

You can now disband GIM group

You can now cancel slayer contracts once per day

Mantis spawn now increases based on donator rank

Added some new items to donator/event shops

Satanic items (i) are now dissolveable

You can now do ::npcevent to find info about the event

Players now get 1 season pass xp per 20k kills

::vote rewards now give a traceable scroll that gives the rewards directly

The email server for claiming legion rank automatically is now working again

Added a lot more phone numbers to ::sms interface

Wandering penguin loots have been updated








Coming Soon

Player Examine Info Interface

Player Titles System

In-game Username Changing System

Community Global Boss / Every 4 Hours

More updates for iron man

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