Game Update #9 - Fancy SP, Penguin Hunter, 25% XP Prayer, Dacylos Shield (i) + MORE!

Game Update #9 - Fancy SP, Penguin Hunter, 25% XP Prayer, Dacylos Shield (i) + MORE!

Fancy Season Pass

Season pass #4 has been added!

There are some adjustments to this months season pass
- No XP from Creation Workshop
- You now get 3xp for entering youtube giveaways
- Its now back to 10xp per tier

Gold pass changes:
- Old passes are discontinued, and will be dissolvable for 5b coins
- It now costs 15K donation points
- It now costs 150 event points
- The gold rewards are now better, and have 3x supreme keys


Once completing the Gold pass you will receive the Fancy hat, which is a Cyan colored santa hat.

Use the teleport option on this hat to be teleported to the Fancy zone.

At this zone you can kill the Fancy fighters for the Fancy set and instance tokens.


The fancy set is cosmetic and gives 20% dmg boost in cosmetic slots, per piece




Goodiebag Open 1K

You can now use open 1k on goodiebags!


New Level Unlocks

Some new level unlocks have been added!

All are obtained in Creation.

The 300K level unlock is dropped from the global boss.


25% XP Prayer

25% XP Prayer - All XP is modified by 25%

This new prayer is obtained in the Mega chest.


Dacylos Shield (i)

The Dacylos Shield (i) can be obtained by using a Dacylos attachment on a Dacylos Shield



Social Media Interface

This interface will show on login, by default. You can toggle it off with ::togglesms


Wandering Penguin Event

Every 6 hours a random penguin will spawn.

This penguin will give some good loot valued at $30-$100 and it will be random loot every time.

Find the penguin in a random city, he will be wandering around. First to click it will be rewarded!



NPC Drop Hunter Event

Staff (Mod+) can start these events at the staffzone.

They will designate a specific item from a boss, when this rare drop is received, the item that the staff gave will be given to the player as a reward!


Dream Donator Rank

A new donator rank has been added.. Dream Donator!

The zone for this will be coming in the NEXT update.

Icon credits @Zelly 


Coin Shop Instances

Coin shop prices for instances have been slightly decreased

God-Legion Ring & Amulet

Obtained in the Supreme Chest and have the same bonuses as other God-Legion items.

Legion Boss Zone

Legion Members now have access to a Legion Boss Zone by operating their Alpha cape.

This boss can be defeated every day, 100x times for loot!

We plan to use a similiar concept to this for the Dream Donator Zone.


Custom Items






Bug Fixes

Fixed bug with dieng in nightmare zone with overload potion bugging

Fixed a bug with slayer randomly disbanding duo during task

Smithing bolts no longer logs you out

Sending SMS through ::sms has been fixed

Fixed ::progress teleport for intense devourers


QOL Updates

You can now reset clue scrolls using money from pouch

Formatting on well of goodwill has been fixed (now displays correct amounts)

You no longer lose items when de-ironing

You can now buy easter egg season pass zone in slayer shop

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