Cavern Of Dacylos Raid

Cavern Of Dacylos Raid

Cavern Of Dacylos Raid


To start the raid, talk to the master

Skill Need to complete cavern of Dacylos Raid

Farming: level 87
Wc: level 98
Herblore: level 98
Firemaking: level 98
Cooking: level 98 


You can buy the items in the shop, for what you need (food, etc)



In the skilling room, theres a lot of different skilling methods



In the skilling room, you can click the task board to see what tasks you need to complete.



In this room, you must kill the warriors until you get a Fantasy orb



In this room, you must kill the semi-boss sinister olm.



At any time you can access the raid bank, to transfer items between your team.



Defeat the final boss to receive the raid key!



Open the chest for your loot..


Enjoy the raiding!