Slayer Guide

Slayer Guide

Welcome To Slayer Guide


To start Slayer you need to open your skilling tab and click on the Slayer skill icon and you will get a few options:

Option 1: Select slayer master, click on select slayer master and pick the Primitive slayer master to start your slayer journey:

Option 2: Click on this to get teleported to the slayer nps you need to kill.

Option 3: Open prestige benefits more info later on.


Slayer level req for each slayer master:

Glorious Slayer master level 0 
Occult Wizard
Knight Warrior
Overseer Archer
Lightning Monarch
Glorious Odin

Trinity  Slayer master level 53
Demon Warrior
Magical Seer
Archeristic Hawk
Evil Trinity
Altex Defender

Battle Slayer master level 71
War-Bane Commander
Trilogy King

Elysium Slayer master level 79
Ardent Magician
Ember Archer
Cyclonic Warrior


Satanic Slayer master level 85 Kc
Witchling Mage
Ballistic Brute
Wicked Warrior
Satanic Scythe-Bearer

ATTACK REQUIREMENTS: to do this slayer master
Witchling Mage → 250B FEE + 15K Ardent Magician Kills

Ballistic Brute → 250B FEE + 15K Ember Archer Kills

Wicked Warrior → 250B FEE + 15K Cyclonic Warrior Kills

Satanic Scythe-Bearer → 1T FEE + 10K Witchling Mage, Ballistic Brute, Wicked Warrior Kills (30K Total)


Kingdom Slayer master level 93
Ice Golem
Enchantress Magician
Salient Ranger
Kingdom Eliminator


ATTACK REQUIREMENTS: to do this slayer master
Ice Golem → 2T FEE + 15K Satanic Scythe-Bearer

Enchantress Magician → 2T FEE + 15KSatanic Scythe-Bearer

Salient Ranger → 2T FEE + 15K Satanic Scythe-Bearer

Kingdom Eliminator → 5T FEE + 10K Ice Golem, Enchantress Magician, Salient Ranger Kills (30K Total)


NOTE: You need to have 2 npc of each slayer master unlocked to get tasks

We also have a slayer panel if you open the quest icon next to the skill tab in this tab you can see this:


Slayer Master:

Show your current slayer master.

Task you have:

Show the the npc you need to kill to finish the task.

Task amount:

Show the amount of npc you have left to finish your task.

Task streaks:

Show you how many tasks you have completed without reset.

Contract today:

Show the amount of slayer task you need to finish to get the reward from the slayer contract.


Shows prestige level.


Slayer Contract:

A Slayer contract is a contract you can buy from trivia rewards store at ::shops when you claim a Slayer contract it will give you a text box you need to confirm:

Make notice that to finish the slayer contract you have 1 day to finish up a slayer contract or you won't get loot from completing it.


Slayer Prestige:

If you do ::prestige in the game you will get this interphase op with the benefit of prestige slayer:

every time you reach 120 slayer it will auto prestige.

Slayer Demon Boss

This new boss is not like the traditional boss!

This is a boss that can only be attacked with the all new SLAYER SWORD, STAFF OR BOW.

It's not the most appealing visually, but it is cheap to buy from the Coin Shop for 100M coins.

It does not provide any bonuses, but it is also not needed because this sword is only used for the new Slayer Boss


Killing the slayer boss requires that your Slayer sword be infused with charges.

The requirement to infuse this sword is Slayer Scales!

The slayer scales are obtained by completing slayer tasks. Also requires level 1 infusion to be infused.


The slayer boss drops contracts and attachments, as well as slayer points every kill.

We will also take suggestions and recommendations for what this boss should drop.

The damage you deal on the boss does not matter, because it is completely randomized so that all players have a fair chance to kill him (even if your a newer guy)


Slayer Shop:

Attachments shops has all the attachments you need to make the gear in creation

Other has slayer gear in it:

- Slayer ring (x2) 
double slayer xp, this works in regular slot and cosmetic slot.


Slayer Extension Scroll
Claiming this item will extend your slayer task by 50% of the amount of kills.
It can only be used one time per task.


The slayer cape
provides a 20% chance to double your kill progress while on slayer tasks.
this works in regular slot and cosmetic slot


Slayer Helm T1
These slayer helmets will give increased damage against your slayer task.

The t1 slayer helmet can be purchased from the slayer shop.

T1 - 10% Damage
T2 - 15% Damage
T3 - 20% Damage
T4 - 25% Damage
T5 - 30% Damage


Platinum Spade
This spade can finish 1k clues check Clue guide for more info HERE


Skiller Note.

This can be used to note all items you have in your inventory


Slayer Ticket.

This is a way to change point to ticket that is used to some creation upgrades


Easter Egg

This is a teleport to the Easter zone where you can kill npc to get the Easter cosmetic set


Cash Box

This is a box where you can open for gather cash,


Slayer contract

Another way to obtain slayer contract


Infinity Slayer Zone T1

This is the teleport you need to buy to start the new Infinity slayer skill. More info is below the guide.


Infinity Slayer

The infinity slayer skill is the only non-combat skill in the game that can be levelled infinitely.

We thought this would make sense because the skill is “Infinity Slayer”

Right now, players can level to 100,000 as the maximum, and you also must have the level unlock done.


To start Infinity Slayer you must buy the Infinity Slayer Zone T1 item from the Slayer Shop.
The slayer zone

Using the Infinity Slayer Zone T1 item will bring you to the first Slayer zone.

At this zone there are 3 different monsters.

You must be on task to attack the monster.

Each monster gives a different amount of xp and tokens

Eclipsar demon:
Icey Dragon:


Slayer Stamina

Here you will see a slayer stamina bar, in order to do infinity slayer this bar must be at least 1% !

To complete Infinity Slayer tasks you must have the stamina

To get Slayer Stamina you must complete slayer tasks with the Kingdom slayer master

1 slayer task completed gets you 1 slayer stamina


Slayer stamina potions

The potion will increase your stamina by 10% !!

The potion can be bought from the coin shop, or earned through the new Ultimate Donator Zone.

Benefits to leveling Infinity Slayer:

Level 40,000 - 50,000

Base value of 1,000 tokens per slayer task completed


Level 50,000 - 60,000

Base value of 1,200 tokens per slayer task completed


Level 60,000 - 70,000

Base value of 1,400 tokens per slayer task completed


Level 70,000 - 80,000

Base value of 1,600 tokens per slayer task completed


Level 80,000 - 90,000

Base value of 1,800 tokens per slayer task completed

Infinity Slayer Reward

You can buy an Kingdom imbue in the Infinity slayer shop

This imbue will allow you to create Kingdom (i)

WARNING - This imbue is untradeable !!



Infinity Skip Ticket

The infinity skip ticket will reset your current Infinity slayer task

This is beneficial because some infinity monsters are better to kill than others.

Depending on your tier of monster you get different xp and tokens.



Best of luck and gl with the slayer grind