Creation Guide

Creation Guide

Fantasy Creation Guide


Hello, all you wonderful people! Welcome to the Fantasy Creation guide! While creation is not a super complex skill, it may be confusing to some, so hopefully this guide can help you along your journey and get you familiarized with how it works!


Creation may be familiar to quite a few of you, but for those who don't know, it is essentially an upgrade system to take your gear from 1 tier to the next. You'll see there are currently (at the time of this guide) 17 tiers of gear/accessories. Now you can either kill the bosses and farm for their drops, or if one wishes to avoid some of the farming you can upgrade your gear instead via the Creation skill!


Creation is also how one can create raid unlocks to partake in the raids in game!

Fanatic Raid Unlock scroll can be crafted in tier 12

Dacylos Raid Unlock Raid Unlock scroll can be crafted in tier 15


One can also upgrade their AoE party hats here as well. It starts off as a basic 3x3 AoE effect but can be upgraded all the way to an 8x8 AoE Party hat (Tier 9)! To do this youll create yourself a 3x3 Aoe party hat, then upgrade it into a 4x4, then 5x5 etc etc.


You'll see in tier 1 an assortment of Armour and accessory pieces and when you select the item you wish to create, it will tell you the required items below in a text box. Below is a breakdown of the items one will need *aside from gear pieces


CREATION TOKENS: These tokens can be acquired from simply killing bosses in game. The higher tier boss, the more creation tokens they drop. Creation tokens can also be rewarded from opening boxes, chests and caskets, and from dissolve slayer attachments.


FANTASY COIN: This is the servers currency and is also dropped by bosses, and like creation tokens, the higher tier boss being fought, the more coins they drop per kill. Fantasy coins are also gotten from opening boxes, chests and caskets.


ATTACHMENTS: There are various attachments in Fantasy, all of which can be bought with slayer points from slayer masters, each with varying prices depending on their tier. For example a Kinesis attachment costs 10 slayer points each, whereas a glorious attachment costs 2000 slayer points each.


EVOLUTION ESSENCE: This essence can be acquired from the Evolution Skill (go into the skills tab and click on the skill to teleport to the Essence area). In this area there will be 8 different essence sources one can siphon from, each one needing a specific level to siphon:

Energy level 1: Level 1 req

Energy level 2: Level 10 req

Energy level 3: Level 20 req

Energy level 4: Level 35 req

Energy level 5: Level 50 req

Energy level 6: Level 70 req

Energy level 7: Level 90 req

Energy level 8: Level 97 req

Energy level 9: Level 104 req


The Evolution essence is afkable and it does stack in your inventory!

With this Skill being fully afk, this is where it is HIGHLY recommended to have an alt account farm this evolution energy while your main account does the fun stuff! Evolution energy will also be a money making method as the Evolution skill will be the only way to unlock Evo scrolls that will increase the DMG and Lvl boost! (Hence the allowance of maximum 2 accounts online per IP, one main and one for afking at Evo skill)


Evolution essence will be used for creating the following level unlocks in the creation skill:


10K level unlock (tier 1)

20K level unlock (tier 2)

30K level unlock (tier 3)

40K level unlock (tier 4)

50K level unlock (tier 5)

60K level unlock (tier 6)

70K level unlock (tier 7)

80K level unlock (tier 8)

90K level unlock (tier 9)

100K level unlock (tier 10)


Each upgrade attempt is a 100% chance of success, so there is no fear of failing, all one simply needs is the required items for the upgrade youre wanting to do, and hit create and TADA! Youve just created yourself your next upgrade!