Prayer Chamber Minigame

Prayer Chamber Minigame

Prayer Chamber Minigame


The most unique minigame our team has ever created..

The reward for completing this minigame is unlocking the new prayers.

Step 1 - Collect Prayer Source

Step 2 - Convert Prayer Source to Holy Bones

Step 3 - Sacrifice Holy Bones for Prayer Shards

Step 4 - Spend Prayer Shards to enter boss room and kill boss

Step 5 - Use the keys you get from the boss on the chest. There are 4 keys!

Note: The chest has dupe protection by default.

You will not receive a duplicate prayer unless you already have it unlocked.

Alternative Method

Buy prayer shards from the Father

Unholy Prayer Book
The unholy prayer book has 11 new prayers + soulsplit!

Switch to the prayer book at the atlar at home

Prayer Drain

When you have prayers activated, you must also have prayer orbs. Even if you have the prayer unlocked, you will need the orbs.

This concept will make this minigame continue to be important content indefinately, which is the route we want to go with updates for now on.

Dupe Protection

This prayer will make it so that you will not receive an item that you have already received as a drop.

This is based on the Collection Log. If your collection log is already completed, it will just give you a random one.
Drain rate - 1 orb

9x9 AOE Grid

This prayer will give you AOE in a 9x9 area. Currently the highest AOE is 8x8 so this is a little better.

But, mostly this is a troll prayer and im very sorry if you get it.

Drain rate - 0 orb

Double Slayer Scales

Having this prayer activated will give you double slayer scales.

The slayer scales is a new piece of content in this update (See Slayer Boss)

Drain rate - 1 orb


x1.15 DR Multiplier

Be careful to not confuse this prayer with 15% DR.

This prayer actually multiplies your drop rate, so if you have 1,000 Drop Rate it will become 1,150 Drop Rate.

Drain rate - 1 orb


x1.10 DDR Multiplier

Be careful to not confuse this prayer with 10% DDR.

This prayer actually multiplies your double drop rate, so if you have 1,000 Drop Rate it will become 1,100 Drop Rate.

Drain rate - 1 orb


Double Evolution Essence

With this prayer, you will be able to collect Evolution essence 2x faster.

Drain rate - 1 orb


Save Infusion Charges

Your infusion charges will have a 50% chance to be saved when attacking monsters

Drain rate - 1 orb


10% Magic Damage, 10% Ranged Damage, 10% Melee Damage

This prayer will multiply your damage by 10% and does not provide regular damage boost. This is a multiplier.

So 200M damage will become 220M and so on.

Drain rate - 1 orb


30% Tribrid Damage

Very similar to the 10% damages, this damage will provide 30% damage multiplier in any combat style.

It is also stackable with the 10% multipliers.
If you get this prayer.. your truly a G

Drain rate - 2 orb


We added 5 new prayer to this spellbook with comes with a new version of the mega Mantis that drop  Prayer Key (mega) to enter this boss there is a cost price of 1.000 Prayer shard each kill, with higher tier donator rank the lower cost it have.

This key has the new prayer and the rate of these is 1/1000


X2 Runecrafting

Runes from runecrafting will be doubled.


X2 Boss tokens

Boss tokens drops will be doubled.


65% Tribrid Damage

Tribrid damage will be increased by 65% for all combat styles, - stack with 30% tribrid damage.


X2 Clue Scroll

Clue scroll drops from bosses will be doubled. This does NOT work for slayer contracts.


25% XP Boost

Your experience will be increased by 25% for all your skill.

Check out the youtube guide made from sipsick Here.