Donator Zone Guide

Donator Zone Guide

Donator Zone Guide


Lord Donator Zone $1000

How this zone works is, you need to collect 1 loop and 1 tooth key half to make them into a lord key
when you teleport to the lord donor zone you can run to the east or to the west, there is an area with white knights level 73

when you collect the number of half keys you want to make you go back to the centre and run south and click on the key mouleer, after you made the keys you run north to the chest or go to ::chests to open keys, the loot from chest is below!

Lord Boots - Cosmetic only no boost
Lord Gloves - Cosmetic only no boost
Lord Boost Scroll - give x1.01 damage boost 5%dr boost and can claim 10 this is perm boost

Prince Donator Zone $2500

In this zone there is 3 npc that spawns in the center of the map only 1 spawn at the time

Otherworldly Being level 490 - this npc drop red shard
Haunted Ghost - this npc drop blue shard
Bandosian Warrior - this npc drop green shard

each shard has its own shop where you can buy Prince Boost Scroll, Gloves of a prince, boots of a prince the scrolls cost 250 shards boots and gloves cost 2500 shards, this is the same price for each shop.
Red shard shop is located west
Blue shard shop is located east 
Green shard shop is located south 

Prince Boost Scroll - has a perm boost and can claim 10!
x1.01 - Damage boost
15% Drop Rate
5% Double Drop Rate

Prince Boots and gloves give a small +20 dr boost in gear tab

King Donator Zone $5000

When you teleport to King donator zone you will see soldier level 48
how this zone works you need to kill 100 of the soldier to enter the room where the King Roald is and to be able to attack him.
the king road is level 86 and has a drop table that contains!

10k fantasy coin 1/1 chance
100 creation tokens 1/1 chance
King Boost Scroll 1/16 chance

The king Boost scroll can be claimed 10 times and add 
x1.01 Damage Boost
20% Drop Rate
10% Double Drop Rate.


Emperor Donator Zone $25000

When you teleport to Emperor donator zone, in this zone you can be grinding for Pure essence you can use for your infusion progress see guide at Infusion Guide In this zone you will be killing Earthling Elemental lvl 115 in this zone you can use AOE

Drop rate from drop is!

The Essence Doubler is a pickaxe you can use when mining pure/rune essence and it will double the essence

Royal Donator Zone $400.000

This is an area where you can kill Evolutionist for evolution goodiebags, benefits scrolls, and a very high chance to get the best level unlock in the game, The benefit scrolls can be used up to 5x, and are also tradeable so royal donators can sell it to other players in the game or use on alts.

The evolutionist is level 125 and has 50m hp and the zone is not aoe



Imperial Donator Zone $600.000

This is an area where you can kill Cash boxes for cash boxes, this zone is made for people to grind out cash.
there is random chances for all cash boxes to spawn, small, med, large and heavy cash boxes, how much gp you make an hour depends on your rang for what boxes that spawn.

Dream Donator Zone $1.000.000

In Dream donator zone there is 1 boss spawn you can kill 100 times a day, you are guaranteed 1 $10 bond each kill and has the chance to get the 3 bis imbue stone to upgrade your gear to I version.

Drop Table!


Legion Donator Zone $1.000 Donated

To get to this zone you has to be a loyal and supported player on fantasy, this means you have to have donated total of 1.000 this has to be from your own pocket and in names dont count to get this rank.

To get to this zone you need to have the alpha cape, right click on the cape and operate it, you will then be teleported to the legion zone where there is the legion boss you can kill this boss 100 times every 24 hours.


Enjoy your stay on fantasy and happy grinding!