Game Update #5 - Trilogy King/Accessories, Donator Shop, x2 Raid keys + MORE!

Game Update #5 - Trilogy King/Accessories, Donator Shop, x2 Raid keys + MORE!

Trilogy Accessories

The all new Trilogy accessories have been added to the game!

Regular Trilogy

Trilogy Imbued

You can buy Trilogy Imbue item from Nightmare shop for 105K points.

The Trilogy items can be created in t15 Creation

x2 Raid Key Scrolls

You can now buy scrolls from the Nightmare Zone shop that will give you x2 Raid Keys

Trilogy King Boss

A new boss has been added that drops the Trilogy accessories.

His unlock price is 20B cash.

WARNING - To attack this boss you need 15k Evil Trinity and Altex Defender Kills.

New Donator Shop

We have had to discontinue the boxes due to the boxes giving bonds, and it creating an economy problem.

This is the new shop, and we will be expanding.

Imperial Donator Rank

To unlock Imperial Donator you must reach $600K amount donated.

The new Imperial Donator rank has the following icon and benefits:

1000 Drop Rate & Double Drop Rate

70% Experience Boost

70% Damage Boost

We are working on a new donator zone that will be a huge method to make coins in-game. This zone will come in next update.

Supreme Chest

We have added the Supreme Chest as an extra benefit for donating.

Fantasy is currently extremely F2P and we are not offering enough for donating currently due to the amount of revenue we have been receiving.

It is important to understand that MORE than 100% of Fantasy's revenue is re-invested into not only the Fantasy project, but all other projects we are working on.

In this chest you can receive the God-Legion Staff, the stats of this staff will never be updated.

Duo Slayer Buff

Doing duo slayer now provides the following:

50% Extra Slayer Xp

50% Extra Slayer Points

500% Extra Drop Rate (on task)

Recovery Special Potions

The recovery special potions have been adjusted so you can spam click them to get multiple doses.

Player Progression Rework

The player progress crates and tasks have been reworked so that there is now better gear/loot as well as tasks that match the loot.

Emperoror Donator Zone

The earthling destruction zone has been re-purposed to be an Emperor Donator Zone

This will be a zone where you kill the Earthling npcs to get pure essence, and a pickaxe that will double pure essence

Bug Fixes

Fixed mass pet issue at home

Easter bunny pet now summons as a secondary pet

Royal Donator Zone evolutionists can now be attacked with range/magic

QOL Updates

The coins on all boss drops have been doubled

Removed dissolves for Epic lion pets

Fixed slayer extension scroll on Duo slayer

Players can now access the gamble area to spectate other players, even if they have not added money to their vault

Nightmare zone will now kick you out after 30 minutes to prevent botting/afk.

Nightmare shards now dissolve for 2M each

Slayer sword will only lose charges on the slayer boss

Iron Man now has the same DR/DDR/Damage multiplier that Knight mode has (1.2x)

Slayer attachments now dissolve for Creation Tokens

All imbues from the Nightmare Zone are now tradeable

The rares from the Prayer Goodiebags have been slightly decreased

The Prayer Chamber boss now has regular health again, and the respawn timer has been lowered.

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