Game Update #10 - New Bosses, Dream Dzone, Starter Boss, Stream Boss, 500K & 600K Unlock + MORE!

Game Update #10 - New Bosses, Dream Dzone, Starter Boss, Stream Boss, 500K & 600K Unlock + MORE!

4 New Bosses

The 4 new bosses have been added!



Witchling Mage → 250B FEE + 15K Ardent Magician Kills

Ballistic Brute → 250B FEE + 15K Ember Archer Kills

Wicked Warrior → 250B FEE + 15K Cyclonic Warrior Kills

Satanic Scythe-Bearer → 1T FEE + 10K Witchling Mage, Ballistic Brute, Wicked Warrior Kills (30K Total)


T18 & T19 Armour

Witchling set (t18, Magic)

Witchling set (t18, Range)

Wicked set (t18, Melee)

Satanic set (t19, Tribrid)


Satanic Slayer Master

A new slayer master has been added that assigns the new bosses as tasks!


Satanic Clue & Casket

Satanic Clue Scroll has been added!


Satanic Mystery Boxes

New mystery boxes have been added to the game!

They are obtainable through voting and other various things in the game.

Satanic BIS set is only from the Superior & Grand Versions.


Ultimate Donator

A new Ultimate Donator rank has been added!


Dream Donator Zone & Benefits

The Dream Donator zone has a boss you can kill 100x each day!

The Dream Donator rank has new benefits!

Double Event Points at monster hunter and globals
50% extra nightmare points
An extra raid key per raid completion



Voting Damage Bonus (i)

A new voting damage scroll has been added!

This scroll gives 80% damage bonus and is stackable with the regular voting scroll.

New Boss Pets

New pets have been added for the new bosses!


Satanic Instances

New instance item has been added for the Satanic slayer bosses.

This instance can be obtained from:

Fancy season pass zone

Cash shop

Satanic clue scrolls



Slayer Staff & Bow

It works the same way as the Slayer sword and can be bought in the coin shop for 100M


500K & 600K Level Unlocks

New unlocks have been added to Creation!

Starter Boss

A new starter boss has been added (first teleport in zones)

This boss can be killed 250x for new players.



YouTube Stream Boss

A new boss has been added that will be activated during live streams!

This boss can be teleported to using ::streamboss

A youtube set has also been added to the event store!

Wearing this full set in either cosmetic or equipment slots will DOUBLE all drops from the YouTube Wizard.

This also stacks with your double drop rate chance.

Prepare for streams!

New Referral / Reward System

We have combined the ::ref and ::reward systems into one

Our new system has an advanced algorithm to offer returning players rewards

This will help us a lot with determing if our advertisements are actually bringing players.

This way we can ensure that the money we spend on advertising actually goes towards helping the server.



Satanic Slayer Contract

A new contract has been added for the Satanic Slayer Master

This contract can be bought from the Trivia Store or obtained from Slayer Demon as a drop.

New Superior Bosses

A new contract has been added for the Satanic Slayer Master


Penguin Command

The ::penguin command now tells you more information about the penguin event

Monster Hunter Event

The easter bunnies at home are now kangaroos and this event is now called ‘Monster Hunter’

A new pet has also been added for this event


Custom Items




Bug Fixes

Fantasy 1M Coins can no longer be dissolved

Fancy cape now goes to cape slot

Fixed login message saying May voting competition

Fixed corporeal beast ::progress teleport

Fixed bank bug with max stack of coins

Fixed dissolve for Dacylos items going directly to nightmare points

Fixed Legendary Donator zone duplicating boxes and re-added it



QOL Updates

God-Legion items can now be dissolved for 1T

God-Legion items now have cosmetic bonuses of 30% Damage, 1000 DR, 500 DDR

The Nightmare zone has been changed so it takes 5x more shards but also gives 5x more points (for faster progress)

The older imbues in the nightmare zone shop have been discontinued.

Some of the old imbued gear can now be dissolve directly for coins instead of for nightmare shards.

The loot in the Supreme Chest has been updated to the new boxes and old imbues have been removed.

The Slayer Demon boss loots have been updated.

Coin drops from bosses now go to pouch automatically

Old gold season pass is now untradeable

The Crate chest now gives the new season pass

Clicking offers deal tab now sends warning message, to prevent players from accidentally donating wrong amount

You can now get 1 season pass xp per 20,000 npc kills

Corrected bonuses on Dacylos accessories / dacylos shield (i)
Transfer command for staff now works with stackable items



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