Game Update #4 - Cavern of Dacylos Raid, War-Bane Boss & Set, Max Cape, Slayer Cape/Extensions + MORE!

Game Update #4 - Cavern of Dacylos Raid, War-Bane Boss & Set, Max Cape, Slayer Cape/Extensions + MORE!


Global Boss Loot Rework

The Fantasy Fanatic Global & Vote Boss drops have been updated to the following:

90K Level Unlock

You can now unlock up to a maximum level of 90K through evolution.

Evolution Source 9 has been added to gather the new resource

Crate Chest Loot Rework

The crate chest loot has been adjusted so that it is better!

War-Bane Set

An all new armour set has been added “War-Bane”

This set has bonuses in between Trinity and Trinity (i)

War-Bane Commander Boss

A new boss has been added, he can be unlocked for 15B cash.

WARNING ! To attack the boss you need 15k kills of Altex & Trinity boss!

War-Bane Commander Pet


New Mystery Boxes

New boxes have been added to the game!

Vote Streaks Update

War-Bane Set (i)

The war-bane items now have an imbued version, obtained from the Nightmare Zone.

NOTE: You can dissolve Trinity (i) and Altex (i) for the equivalent Nightmare Points.

Donation Point Shop Adjustment

The glorious boxes have been replcaed with Trinity.

Spoiler: We are working on something even better for this.

Slayer Cape

The slayer cape provides a 20% chance to double your kill progress while on slayer tasks.

This works in regular slot and cosmetic slot.

This cape can be purchased from the Slayer shop.

Slayer Extension Item

Claiming this item will extend your slayer task by 50% of the amount of kills.

It can only be used one time per task.

This item is purchase able from the slayer shop.

 New Slayer Helmets

These slayer helmets will give increased damage against your slayer task.

The t1 slayer helmet can be purchased from the slayer shop.

T1 - 10% Damage
T2 - 15% Damage
T3 - 20% Damage
T4 - 25% Damage
T5 - 30% Damage

The upgrades for these slayer helmets can be found in Creation T1

Skiller Note

This is a one-time use item, that when used on a non-stackable item, it will automatically note it.

This item can be purchased from the slayer shop.

Platinum Spade

The platinum spade will dig 1,000 clue scrolls at a time.

This spade is purchased from the slayer shop.

Slayer Shop Adjustment

The slayer shop has been seperated into 2 different tabs (Attachments, Other)

Battle Slayer Master

The battle slayer master only has 1 boss right now, the war-bane boss.

More will be added in future content expansions.

Battle Slayer Contract

A new slayer contract has been added for the Battle slayer master.

This contract can be obtained from various shops, and the slayer demon boss.

Max Cape

The max cape can be bought for 50B cash after you have achieved level 99 in all skills.


30% Damage Boost

Season pass progresses x2 quicker (double the xp from sp)

x2 extra slayer xp

x2 slayer points on task

x2 trivia points

x2 vote rewards


Egg Collection Log

A new tab has been added to the Collection Log

Cavern of Dacylos Raid

This raid can be unlocked by creating the Dacylos Raid Unlock in t15 Creation

To start the raid, talk to the master

You can buy the items in the shop, for what you need (food, etc)

In the skilling room, theres a lot of different skilling methods

In the skilling room, you can click the task board to see what tasks you need to complete.

In this room, you must kill the warriors until you get a Fantasy orb

In this room, you must kill the semi-boss sinister olm.

At any time you can access the raid bank, to transfer items between your team.

Defeat the final boss to receive the raid key!

Open the chest for your loot..

Raid Adjustments

Soulsplit is now NOT usable in ANY raids.

The Battle & Ultimate raids have been removed from the game because they sucked.

Raids will no longer be a huge part of game progression, but instead it will be a way to obtain extra stuff to help you in the game.

Battle Instances

A new item has been added to instance bosses.

This instance item is required to instance the new war-bane boss.

The Lucky SP zone has been updated to have the new instances as a drop.

You can buy the new instances from the Coin Shop.

The instance goodiebag has been updated to have the new instances.

New Attachment - War Bane

A new attachment has been added to the slayer shop to create the new War-Bane gear.

Vote Reward Adjustment

For every vote you will now receive the following items

 1-3 minor boxes

40-60 instance goodiebags

20-30 evolution goodiebags

$10 bond

20% voting damage scroll

20% voting xp scroll

NEW !!

A 20% voting xp scroll has been added

Battle Clues & Caskets

The new Battle clues have been added!

Trinity Clues & Caskets

The new Trinity clues have been added!


Dacylos Chest

Dacylos Keys are obtained from the new Dacylos Raid.

Dacylos Shards & Shield

From the raid you will obtain Dacylos Shards.

These shards can be used to create the new Dacylos Shield.

This shield is BIS

Energetic Special Attack

The energetic staff will be obtained from the raid.

This spec attack 1 hits all opponents, and on all of these kills it will increase your chance to get a double drop from this monster by 90%

Can be used every 5 minutes.

Elemental Special Attack

The elemental bow will be obtained from the raid.

This spec attack 1 hits all opponents, then for 30 seconds you will one hit all opponents in instances. It also decreases the respawn timer of the npc by 66% (from 3 tick to 1 tick)

Can be used every 5 minutes.



Doom Special Attack

Doom special attack

The doom sword will be one of the few items available from the new raid..

This special attack 1 hits all opponents around you, and lowers their drop rate by 90%. This can also only be used every 5 minutes.

In a trinity instance, I got 2-3 clues when testing.


Nightmare Pet

A new nightmare pet has been added!

Bug Fixes

Fixed Easter Bunny pet benefit not working

Applied another fix to spam clicking to enter prayer minigame portal spawning multiple npcs

Fixed trees at woodcutting area

QOL Updates

- Trinity (i) and Altex (i) is now dissolvable for Nightmare Points

- Added new achievements for all casket, slayer, raid, etc

- Creations can now take cash from pouch

- Praying Mantus npc no longer spawns in the same spot to prevent botting

- Added lion companion to daily task shop

- Lowered christmas companion in daily task shop

- Added Trinity clue scroll to boss token shop

- Raised stock of herb shop

- Buffed pets between Glorious and Trinity

- When a player subscribes through ::sms it will now send a global announcement

- Added ::global command

- Added ::rzone command

- Slayer contracts have been completely reworked and now are on a 24 hour timer instead of server-time, also now gives double the rewards



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