Starter Guide

Starter Guide

Hello & welcome to the Fantasy Start Guide! We are so glad to have you and encourage you to join our Discord where you can reach out for additional support or questions that may not be contained in this guide. The link to join the official Fantasy RSPS Discord is Click Here and make sure to read Fantasy rules.

Create a new account:

On fantasy we have 4 kind of game modes you can choose, its is a good idea to pick the right one before your journey on fantasy!
1 Normal account
Normal account has regular experience rate, regular drop rate and you can trade other player and use ::pos
2 Knight
Knight account has 100% slower experience rate, 20% drop rate bonus, 5% damage bonus and you can trade other player and use ::pos
3 Ironman
Ironman account has 10% slower xp rate, +10 drop rate bonus, most shops are restricted.
4 Group Ironman
Group Ironman account has 10% slower xp rate, +10 drop rate bonus, most shops are restricted you can use group bank for your group.



Next up lets enter our starter commands to get some free loot!
::freedonator - give you the first donator rank for free
::freesp - give you a free season pass (explain season pass later in the guide)
::collectors - give you a collector scroll you claim that auto pick up your loot.
::vault - password is release - this open op a vault with items you can pick 1 item every 2 hours.
::commands - open up an interface where you can see the commands you can use

Progression, Vote, daily login reward:


Type ::progress. This system is one of the most important pathways as a new player in your Fantasy journey and will get you prepared to begin mid-late game content. There is 4 types of progression task you can complete to get a reward for every progression task you complete.
The first task is to vote type ::vote and vote for both the sites and then do ::claim in game and pick option 2 (claim vote rewards) Make sure not to vote while you has a VPN active it can catch the vote as a VPN vote and cant be claimed, you can vote on your computer on wifi and on your phone with phone data on every 12 hours.
Next progress task is to kill 500 Intense Devourers
Next progress task is kill 1000 Corporeal Beast
Last progress is complete 25 fanatic raids.
When you have completed all 4 progress task and claimed the 4 crate you can claim ultimate prize and get perm boost scroll to claim.


Vote, vote streak and daily login reward

Vote for fantasy is a good way to get some good daily reward you can use or sell, from vote you get 
20% voting xp scroll
20% Voting Damage scroll
Minor Elysium Box
Instans goodiebag
Prayer goodiebag
Evolution goodiebag
After you have claimed the vote in game you can do ::streaks and claim some extra rewards for daily vote, there is a limit of 4 streaks reward every 24 hours.
If you login in every day you can claim a daily reward


Quest Tab

If you click on quest tab you can find some tools that is good to use.
Player App in this tab you can see the information of your account and when the global spawn etc.
Slayer Tab: in this tab you can see info about your slayer progress, what slayer master you selected, get new task and create an instans.
Tools App: Show logs, daily task item list, logs and loots from boxes etc.
Toggles App: In here you can toggle on/off settings


Boss unlock/Slayer


Boss unlock:

To kill a boss on fantasy you need to unlock them, click on the globe or do ctr+t to open the teleport interface, then click on bosses click on the boss you need to unlock and then click on the lever it will ask you for to pay to unlock it have the money in your pouch or in your inventory.

Slayer masters


After you finish up your progression, you can start the slayer grind. The first thing you need to do is click on your Slayer skill, then select Slayer master, you cant get b2b slayer task so you need at least 2 of the bosses unlocked before you can get task from a new Slayer master.

Block/unblock slayer task

You can block slayer bosses so you cant get them as a task to do that teleport to ::slayer click on the slayer task board find the boss on the list and click on block, if you want to unblock a boss from the list again click on the blocked in the top left corner and click on the boss and unblock. for more info about slayer check out the slayer guide


Starter Boss

When you have completed the ::progression I suggest you to go kill the starter boss, you can kill this boss 250 times and can get some great loots from it.
How to get to the starter boss I will showcase this in a gif.



To start level up your prayer you need to go to ::shops and open coin shop or boss point shop to buy bones, when you bought bones then you click on prayer skill and it will teleport you to alter at home, then use the bones on alter and click on x or do click all.


Collection Logs
 A very beneficial system that is implemented in Fantasy is Collection Logs. This can be found by clicking the Multi-Tool Interface ( Quest tab "Bluestar") , Selecting "Tools App" and clicking Collection Logs.

The rewards of Collection Logs will be a VERY lucrative end game, as this will greatly reduce you Guaranteed Dry Streak that every boss in game has.
A player with a Drop rate of 68k has a Dry Drop rate of 70k on Ardent while a player with a drop rate of 25k ( No Collection Logs) Dry rate is 109k. This will save you tons of time in the long run and, Instances.

Slayer: When you start and finish progress, the main thing we recommend is Slayer. While you are doing this, you can spend a little extra time and complete the collection log associated with these low-level tiers.
Focus on Glorious Odin+: These collection logs will increase your drop rate by a minimum of +1000% Drop rate EACH!


Dissolve of spare items/drops

 One of the ways for new players to make cash is by dissolving all the spare items, drops they are getting, how you do this is have the item in your inventory and press shift+click on your mouse and it will give you a message in chat box if you want to dissolve the items.


AOE/Area of effect

Area of effect can be perm unlocked by obtaining party hats. There are different classes of aloe party hats. Keep the party hat in your inventory or wear it in cosmetic slot.
Yellow - 4x4
 Blue - 5x5
 Green - 6x6
 Purple - 7x7
 White 8x8
in-game, you can obtain these party haft from 2 ways
Option 1 is to go to ::shops open coin shop
option 2 is to open creation tab and create the party hat



On Fantasy we have a skill called infusion with this skill you can infuse your weapons to add extra damage and drop rate to your weapons, how this works is you need to make runes to forge your weapons. This is a good add to your weapon to make you hit more damage and to add a better drop rate. check the Infusion guide for more info on how to infuse your weapon Here



When you kill bosses, you can unlock boss pets that give you benefits for DMG and drop rate. If you type in ::pets you get an interface that shows all the pets you can obtain in the game and what the kill req is to unlock them.


Type ::items and you will get an interface open where you can see all the obtainable gear in-game to compare and see what next-tier gear you can obtain and what stats they have


Creation skill is another way to upgrade your armour, so you don't need to get a better armour from killing bosses and getting drops, for more info about creation skill check out the creation guide here


One of the custom skills on Fantasy is evolution its a skill that is used to give you the ability to unlock and increase your combat levels as a start your combat skills is capped at 1000. 
with evolution you can unlock 10k - 20k - 30k up to 100k how this works is you collect evolution essence to create level unlocks in the creation skill for more info on evolution skill, check the evolution guide here

Season Pass

Season pass can be leveled up after you have claimed a gold season pass or a silver season pass.
to get the silver season pass you can do the command ::freesp and it is the free way to complete season pass.
the gold season pass can be bought in shops, Event shop, Donation shop and daily task shop.
How you level up season pass and get xp do ::sp in game and click on xp guide in top left corner.
When you complete the gold season pass you get access to a season pass zone that will drop the bis cosmetic set that will benefit drop rate and damage boost.

Prayer Minigame

On Fantasy we have a custom prayer book that you can unlock by doing a minigame, the prayer book has some prayer that can be a huge benefit for your game play so def worth to check out, you can check out a 
youtube guide out by click here
or the text guide here